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Heatmap generation library using PHP and GD

While working on further development of my Helsinki public transport departures heatmap, I quickly noticed that heatmap.js, as good a library as it is, just can’t quite do all the things I needed it to do as fast as I’d … Continue reading

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HSL departures heatmap

I created a a simple application using the HSL open data XML dump, the MapQuest Javascript API and the heatmap.js library. Here’s a screenshot: The heatmap shows the number of departures from each stop in the HSL public transport system. … Continue reading

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Apple Mail and marking messages read

I had some trouble setting up Apple Mail the way I want it to work. What I’m used to doing is keeping a list of “Unread” messages, which is really a list of “Messages that need some action from me … Continue reading

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Resistor tools

I just wrote a parallel resistor value calculator, and a resistor colour code calculator. There are lots of them on the web, but most of them seem to have a 1990’s era user interface, where you need to enter values … Continue reading

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Filtering a Drupal 7 View based on multiple user profile fields

This is basically continued from the previous post Filtering a Drupal 7 View based on a user profile field, where a user called Juan asked a simple question: “How do I filter by multiple user profile fields, so that all … Continue reading

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Filtering a Drupal 7 View based on a user profile field

The exact question answered here is “How do I filter a View based on the value of a taxonomy term reference field in the current user’s profile?” This is covered in quite a few places on the web, but I … Continue reading

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Circlr – a jQuery plugin for arranging things in a circle

Here’s “Circlr”, a jQuery plugin that arranges html elements on a web page into a circle. It is used on the front page of my site. There are also a couple of usage examples included in the package. Enjoy!

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Textwrangler: Open file from directory of current file

A small thing that’s been bugging me with TextWrangler and BBEdit is that the current directory in the Open File dialog doesn’t follow the directory of the current file. In other words: First I’ll open and edit a file somewhere … Continue reading

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Adding fields to Drupal 7 Apache SOLR

The question: How to make SOLR return more fields with the search results (using the apachesolr module), knowing that all the standard Drupal fields are added to the SOLR index? I found plenty of blog posts about how to do … Continue reading

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Installing Diaspora* on Debian 6.0 on a virtual server

I went ahead and tried installing my own server to run a pod for the distributed open source social network, Diaspora*. The installation went fine according to the instructions (Installing and running Diaspora) until the part where I say bundle … Continue reading

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